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Our Journey

We are worshippers of the sun. 

We harness the energy of the sun to invigorate homeostasis. 

We need nothing more and nothing less than water, sunlight and nourishment to thrive. 

Through personal journeys we have all found ourselves here. whether the writer or reader, we are one. An organism of organisms all focused on survival. It's up to us to make that an invigorating, fun and wild experience. 

Whether your sunshine rituals are diverse or more singular, 

we embrace you all. 

From the gardens of our homes, stones we climb, hills we slide and oceans we ride. We will always strive to bring you the best products to protect, nourish and keep your skin vibrant.

Origin Story

Dr. Thomas Macsay developed Sunshine Ritual’s flagship product (sunshine sun salve) after he was diagnosed with Melanoma at 25 years old. He was extremely concerned about the level of care he got through the insurance-based medical system, and even though as a medical student he knew exactly what was going on with his disease process, he was left feeling hopeless and uninformed by the multitude of doctors, clinics, and insurance phone calls he had to visit and deal with over the course of his diagnosis and treatment.

Surprisingly he was diagnosed with melanoma he found through laboratory testing that his Vitamin D levels were still below the desired, or "functionally" healthy range. This showed him that even when he was getting a good amount sun exposure his skin wasn’t healthy enough to properly clear toxins and metabolic waste, to allow for healthy production and transportation of Vitamin D to the rest of his body.

As someone who never got sunburnt even though he grew up living a lifestyle with regular sun exposure, he never found a good habit of wearing sunscreen, mostly because there weren’t any that felt good and was clean. Through his medical and environmental experiences, he observed the need for a product more focused on our relationship with the sun every day and its long term effect on skin health. 

After diving into extensive research and development, he formulated what became our flagship product. The Sunshine Sun Salve, which not only boosts skin health and integrity, but also provides protection from sun-related skin damage, and repairs prior damage due to sun exposure and scarring. This super salve provides constant support and protection for your skin, even if you forgot to apply during direct sun exposure on a regular basis. 

Dr. Thomas Macsay, ND is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor in Carlsbad California, specializing in regenerative medicine, autoimmune, hormonal imbalance, herbal medicine and chronic pain. He is also a co-founder and chief operating officer and chief scientific officer of Sunshine Rituals and continues to innovate new products to keep us safe while we are out having fun in the sun