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Ear Relief


Our Ear Relief is an herbal solution for ear ache, ear infection prevention and intervention. We recommend using it before you frolic in a body of water whether that be ocean, stream, or pool to protect from bacterial, fungal or viral development in the ear canal. If you are already suffering from ear pain, we first have to recommend you see your trusted health care provider, but we also recommend trying this to help fight possible infection due to its anti fungal and bacterial properties. It also helps break up excess ear wax build up allowing your ear to drain the wax naturally.

How/when to apply:

  • Add one drop into each ear canal before a surf, swim, dive or soak for preventative ear health measures.

  • If ear infection or ache is present add one drop into irritated ear canal, with your head tilted so the oil can drip into the deepest part of your outer ear. Reapply every 4hrs if irritation continues. You can remove excess oil with a clean tissue or towel by gently swabbing your ear canal, try to remain from sticking the swab in deep to avoid pushing wax or debris in further.


Organic olive oil from Temecula Olive Oil co., Garlic, Mullein, St. John’s Wort, Calendula, Vitamin E Oil, Tea tree Essential Oil*