We are worshippers of the sun. We harness the energy of the sun to invigorate homeostasis. We need nothing more and nothing less than water, sunlight and whole foods to thrive. Through personal journeys we have all found ourselves here. whether the writer or reader, we are one. An organism of organisms all focused on survival. It's up to us to make that an invigorating, fun and wild experience. Whether your sunshine rituals are diverse or more singular, we embrace you all. From the gardens of our homes, stones we climb, hills we slide and oceans we ride. We will always strive to bring you the best products to protect, nourish and keep your skin healthy & vibrant.

An Origin Story

The Energy Among Us

In the realm where friendships blossom, forged by a shared passion for herbalism and the enchantment of old world medicine, we find ourselves intertwined in a profound mission. With unyielding determination, we stand united, ready to unfurl a magnificent tapestry of natural beauty—a testament to our unwavering dedication to skincare that transcends conventional boundaries.

Our collective journey is a tale of kindred spirits, drawn together by the allure of ancient wisdom. Rooted in the earth's abundant offerings, we have embarked on an extraordinary quest to bring you the most potent and effective skincare remedies, lovingly crafted with reverence for our ancestral healers.

Business + Pleasure

Some say never mix business and pleasure but we beg to differ. A relationship built around surf and adventure led us to starting this business. In our own search for clean skin care and sun care products we couldn't quite find exactly what we where looking for.. An environmentally conscious skin care line that not only protected but also deeply nourished. This lead us down the road of discovery and into partnership with our Naturopathic Doctor, Thomas Macsay, with his expansive knowledge in herbal medicine and our vision of a sun care line that doesn't cut any corners we formulated what is now Sunshine Rituals product line. No extra fluff, just simple clean skin care products that truly work, tried and proven for highly active and sun soaked humans like us.
The Mind Behind Formula

Dr. Thomas Macsay, ND, is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor in La Jolla California specializing in regenerative medicine, autoimmune, hormonal imbalance, herbal medicine, and chronic pain.
He developed our flagship product, the Sun Salve, after he was diagnosed with Melanoma at 25 years old. His experience with skin cancer lead him into extensive research in skin health. Through this, he saw the need for a sun care product line that not only boosts skin health and integrity, but also provides protection from sun and atmospheric pollutants related to skin damage, while also repairing prior damage and scarring.
As Sunshine Rituals doctor and scientist, Tom continues to innovate new products to keep us safe while we are out having fun in the sun.