• Sunshine Salve  
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How do I use your sun salve?

Add a little dab to your finger and rub thoroughly into the desired area of the skin. The more you use the thicker the protective layer will be.

When should I use your sun salve? 

Use it at any time during the day. We recommend using it before, during, and after long term sun exposure, especially during the middle of the day from 10 am - 2 pm when the sun is at its Zenith.

Is your sun salve waterproof/water resistant? If so, what ingredients make it so? How long is it water-resistant? At what point do I reapply? 

Oil is naturally hydrophobic and will create a physical protective layer from the water to prevent it from washing away. The majority of the product is oil-based meaning it will provide a temporary hydrophobic barrier on the skin. Most natural and mineral based sunscreen will recommend reapplying any sun care product at 2-hour intervals.

What are the benefits? Is it good for my skin? Why? 

Rich in antioxidants to help clear cellular waste product, inflammatory chemicals, and repairs DNA. 

Prevents acne and repairs old acne scars and blemishes.

Deeply hydrates the skin.

Support healthy collagen formation to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Why is there hemp in it? 

Hemp has a ton of powerful antioxidant, DNA protecting, and anti-inflammatory properties that perfectly complements the other fantastic ingredients and powerful herbs that form the base of the Sunshine rituals.

Why not call it sunscreen? 

Sunshine rituals know that our lifestyle and overall environmental exposure has a much more powerful impact on the health of our skin than simply blocking ultraviolet light from the sun with a typical sunscreen product. Our immune function, anti-oxidant status, hydration, and diet play a prominent role in the development of skin disease. By developing an overall suncare product we can boost skin health, our largest organ, in preparation for sun exposure, reducing harm from sun exposure, and repairing damage after any sun exposure or other exposures that may be detrimental to our skin health.

What’s in it that protects my skin from UV rays?

Jojoba oil has a naturally occurring SPF factor of 4, Shea butter has a naturally occurring SPF factor 6 or more and Rhatany root extract has been scientifically proven to absorb 20-30% of UVA/UVB light and Non-nano zinc at 20% provides SPF factors up to 40 or more. Calendula and Sage are high in apigenin found to prevent UVA/UVB induced skin cancer occurrence. Centella/Gotu Kola provides UVB protective effects by altering microRNA expression in human dermal fibroblasts.

What makes your sun salve reef safe? 

Our sun salve is a fish and coral safe herbal based formula with Non-nano zinc, which is the least toxic and most effective SPF ingredient on the market today.

Why is it better than other face care/sunscreen? What’s bad about regular sunscreen?

We provide an all natural and organic-based sun care product that is safe enough to ingest without any concern of toxicity. Nano-mineral sunscreens damage our reefs and further add to the degradation of oceanic organisms. Chemical sunscreen can burden our skin, lymphatic system, and environments and if you are not careful a chemical sunscreen can be more toxic for your skin than a regular sunburn. Although some nano and chemical-based sunscreen may provide longer protection, higher SPF, and better water resistance many of them fail to address the fact that skin cancer typically develops from the DNA damage and toxin release that occurs after sun exposure.

Does it contain avobenzone, octisalate and octinoxate? 

That is a big gigantic NO and NEVER! We are transdermal nourishment for the sun and sea worshippers.