More Than a Sun Care Brand: Mindfulness and Perspective

More Than a Sun Care Brand: Mindfulness and Perspective

We’re worshippers of the sun. Sun seekers and sun-setters. Sun chasers and sun-risers.

And if you’re anything like us, the sun plays a vital role in your daily embodiment. As the first rays peek over the horizon each dawn, we are reminded of the divinity of the sun’s energy - like a whisper of wisdom from an ancient sun god.

Unfortunately for us and for the earth, the sun has become something that is too often feared.

We’re here to change that. We’re here to challenge your perspective of traditional sun care and shift it towards a healthier relationship with the sun, for a healthier you. We’re here to disrupt the sun care and skin care industries as a whole - because you deserve better.

Behind the soothing balms and enriching herbal blends, at our roots we’re a mindfulness company. We’re more interested in the lifestyle that you live; our products are just here to extract the vibrance of your soul into an external glow.

For us, infusing mindfulness practices into our daily lives looks like creating rituals around the sun. Whether it’s a sunrise meditation, sharing stories laying on a blanket in the yard, dancing on waves in the ocean, tending to the garden, or cuddling up with a tea for sunset, many of our most potent daily rituals revolve around the sun. Thankfully, the sun’s not going anywhere, and we hope that your sun-soaked rituals aren’t either.


Skin care is healthcare, and healthy skin = a healthy you. There’s no doubt that without proper sun care, extensive exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to a plethora of skin challenges. However, rather than reducing sun exposure and “protecting” ourselves from the sun, let’s learn how to practice intentional and holistic sun care. Let’s transform our relationship with the sun rather than limiting our exposure to the sun. 

We believe that it is not only possible, but necessary, to embrace both a sun-soaked lifestyle and healthy, thriving skin. When we create an intimate dialogue between the two, rather than existing in competition, they can exist in reciprocity. We’re here with you every step of this journey, as we rewrite the narrative of sun care and deepen our gratitude for the sun together, day by day.

Here’s where you can start.

Build a deeper relationship with yourself through your unique sunshine rituals. 

What are some of your favorite rituals under the sun? If you don’t have any, create some! What makes you feel the most alive - is it breath, cold water, wet soil, open expanses, artistic expression, crisp air? How can you shape these into an integral part of your daily time spent basking in the sun?

Develop a healthy relationship with the sun. 

You have the power to consciously influence how your body responds to the sun. That’s right - your body can respond to the sun as a damaging force or it can respond to it with ease, as a life force responsible for vitamin D production. And just like our products - this starts with intention and mindfulness. Is your sun soaked time spent in fear or in gratitude?

Prepare your body physically to process sun exposure in a way that benefits you! 

Stay well hydrated. Prioritize deep sleep and rest. Flush toxins through physical exercise. Breathe deeply. Utilize journaling or meditation to destress. (See more here: Skin Health, it’s a Lifestyle)

Incorporate mindfulness practices into your time in the sun.

Bring purpose to your sun soaked lifestyle. Exposure to sunlight increases the production of serotonin. So do meditation, physical movement, human touch and practicing gratitude. So why not combine these practices for extra serotonin and a more powerful mood boost?!


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