When & How to Use Sunscreen

When & How to Use Sunscreen

Regardless of what type of sunscreen or sun scare product you are using, always make sure to apply a liberal amount of it to the sun-exposed areas of the body. With a mineral-based sunscreen, you typically would like to be able to see at least a thin white sheen on the skin which indicates the physical barrier is intact on the skin. Some sunscreens, such as spray on’s, go on clear and often do not properly disperse on the skin. This may require a liberal amount of spraying and added spreading of the sunscreen to ensure that the skin is properly protected from the sun’s harmful rays. 

For the maximum protection from the sun, some professionals may recommend using skincare products that have some level of SPF factor in them daily to provide a baseline of protection from the sun.

The best approach is to apply sunscreen to all areas of the body that will be exposed to the sun before leaving the house or right as the skin has been exposed to the sun. Reapplication of sunscreen is commonly recommended at 2-hour increments, especially with exposure to the elements, physical activity, or a combination of both. 

Finally, there are those who may or may not remember to apply sunscreen at all, even though they know they should. For those not so consistent applicators, remember to make sure that you are using a good quality sunscreen and applying a liberal amount when you do get around to it. Might as well protect your skin as much as possible!


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