What Makes Sunshine Rituals Special?

What Makes Sunshine Rituals Special?

At Sunshine Rituals, we are challenging the norm of skincare. Our team of doctors and herbalists consciously craft our unique formulas through extensive research and design. With roots tapped into traditional herbal medicine and plant-based practices, we ensure our products are backed by the latest scientific research. 

Each ingredient is chosen for both its singularly potent and complementary effects, that marry with each and every single other ingredient, resulting in a rounded and multi-potent formula. 

Sunshine Rituals breaks from traditional sunscreen and skincare companies that recycle and reuse product recipes throughout the industry. Rather, we dedicate ourselves to creating the safest, most effective, and pure products to provide true transdermal nourishment and cellular optimization for the body’s largest organ, the skin. 

So, what’s the big difference? 

What sets us apart is our natural ingredients and herbal oil extracts that form the base of our formula. For most of history, topical formulas were typically crafted by macerating fresh or dried medicinal herbs in a variety of oils. All knowledge, then, of the healing effects of topical herbal medicine, has been acquired over the centuries of trials and errors, is applicable largely to oil extracts. 

The reason oils have long been used as a base for topical medicine is because oils are able to extract the majority of the anti-oxidants and volatile compounds that are essential for skin health and healing. Not to mention, oils are vital for optimal function at the cellular level where they are utilized to fortify cell membranes. 

We gently heat and macerate our herbs in organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil grown locally in Temecula for long durations of time allowing the oils to fully penetrate the herbs before we strain and separate them. This gives us the most complete, full-spectrum, herbal extracts that create the bulk of our formula and what makes them so noticeably effective and delightful. 

In the modern world, herbal extracts, isolated ingredients, and synthetic ingredients will typically be produced with the use of harsh solvents and reagents that alter and strip away most of the beneficial ingredients that were once part of a whole. These toxic ingredients and chemically modified substances leave residues behind and alter the natural activity of organically occurring compounds. This means that there is a trace amount of toxins being rubbed on your body, damaging DNA, and compromising long term skin health. 

So, what are the advantages of an oil extract?

Full-spectrum extracts work due to their complexity in nature. Hundreds, if not thousands of molecules found in plants are tailored to work together for a specific purpose, making them more effective at lower doses with fewer side effects. 

These vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants create a symphonic harmony allowing cells to properly absorb, metabolize, and utilize the herbal medicine to its full potential. 

It’s the ancestral, genetic wisdom in our cells that requires all the components to work together properly, each serving as a vital cog in the ability of the medicine to take effect in the body. 

In addition to boasting these synergistic, full-spectrum healing qualities, the oils form the base of our products. That means no empty fillers that typically make up the bulk of most skincare products. This truly packs in the maximum therapeutic potential for each Sunshine Rituals products, especially when we pair our herbal oil extracts with other organic, natural, and nutrient-dense ingredients. 

We hope you enjoy each blend and Earth's powerful gifts within them. 

Written by Dr. Thomas Macsay 


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